About Us

Racing Studio-R or RS-R began life as a wholesale distributor in Osaka, Japan. Unsatisfied with the quality of parts we were able to obtain, we started our own factory in September 1980. We strive to create only high-performance/high-quality products that do not exist in offerings from other companies. We do that by actively embracing the trial of motorsports competition such as drag races, N1, sprints, drifting, rallies and Super GT.

Now we are in the 21st century, where the social climate and technological innovation changes quickly. We want to pursue what our customers need, and what is best for society. In order to do that, we are committed to develop and manufacture products that satisfy the demand of our consumers now and in the future – without forgetting our beginning through the best technology and service.

■ Company History

3,1968 Founded as a car parts shop To-a in Sonezaki Osaka
8,1970 Start drive shop in Kyoto
1,1972 Start to produce own brand suspension, coilover and muffler
3,1972 Move Head Office from Sonezaki to Yodogawa-ku Osaka
3,1978 Start car parts wholesale TMC in Oyodo-ku Osaka
9,1978 To expand TMC, closed the car parts shop To-a
11,1978 Open Kyusyu Branch in Kurume Fukuoka
7,1979 Incorporated TMC CO., LTD. in Toyonaka Osaka
9,1980 Established production and development department of sports muffler (RS*R) in Toyonaka
7,1981 Move Osaka Branch from Oyodo-ku to Toyonaka
6,1985 Open Nagoya Branch in Mizuho-ku Aichi
10,1989 Move Head Office to Toyonaka Osaka
Open Second Plant in Toyonaka Osaka
6,1993 Expand the business of the Head Office
9,1993 Open Third Plant in Toyonaka Osaka
5,1994 Increase the capital to 10 milion yen
11,1994 Move Nagoya Branch to Minami-ku Aichi
9,1995 Open East Japan Delivery Center
4,1996 Move Head Office and Accounting Department in Houzancho Toyonaka
5,1996 Move Kyushu Branch to Higashiaikawa Kurume Fukuoka
7,1997 Move Nagoya Branch to Ichinomiya Aichi
3,1999 Move and unite Head Office and Plant to Imazaike Toyonaka
Increase the capital to 30 million yen
4,1999 Established RS*R CO., LTD.
4,2001 Open Development and Research Department at Head Office
9,2001 Open Middle Delivery Center in Anjo Aichi
Unite Nagoya Branch to Head Office in Osaka
10,2001 Expand the business of Kyushu Branch
1,2008 Business integration of RS*R CO., LTD. and TMC CO., LTD.
4,2008 Unite Kyusyu Branch to Head Office in Osaka
Unite Middle Delivery Center to Head Office in Osaka
4,2010 Open Second Development and Research Department in Head Office in Osaka
8,2010 Acquire ISO9001 and ISO14001

■ Company Philosophy

Since the invention of the automobile over a century ago, man has pursued the dream of creating a car that pioneers artistry, creativity, engineering, and craftsmanship. With technology continuously evolving, the automobile has become a faster, safer, more powerful, machine all the while striving for beauty, elegance, and class.
TMC since the beginning has been in pursuit of creating a car that is the essence of a man's “Dream.” Focusing on auto parts such as exhausts and suspension, TMC aspires to create a “Frontier” where a man's “Dream” can be a part of reality. And in this quest, their desires will reveal another side of one's self.
We at TMC continuously work to achieve this dream for all who seek it.
The “Dream” for an experience that will elevate all the senses and all the emotions of the drivers experience behind the wheel of an automobile.

■ Message from the president

Since our establishment in 1968, we have been focused on creating a bond with all our customers. Seeking out not only our desires in automobile performance, but what our customers desire in performance. We are continuously driving forward, developing high performance / high quality products bred from our love of motorsports and rooted in daily car life. We embrace all aspects of the car life and its many cultures from all over the world.
Today, our customers do not just exist in Japan, but exist all over the world. And as the aftermarket car lifestyle continuously evolves, we strive to be there with them wherever their road leads them.
Our commitment to keep all manufacturing in house allows us to provide our customers the highest of quality parts and craftsmanship. And at its center, our QPASS policy (Quality, Price, Aftercare, Sense, Speed) allows us to supply our customers products that will fulfill their automotive passions. Conceived by our founder Takeo Hayashi, it is because of QPASS that we have been propelled to be a world leader in the aftermarket automotive industry.
We are inspired by motorsports, driven by dreams, rooted life and committed to providing customers the fulfillment of their passion. And to fulfill the desires of all RS*R customers around the world is a challenge we will never give up.

Kumiko Terai