A new take on suspension tuning is the RS-R Best-i Jouge. Allowing more flexibility for your suspension tuning, you now have the capability to raise your vehicle above factory ride height to increase ground clearance, or lower it and improve stability.

Touge is synonymous with Japanese tuners around the world, which means mountain up and down. Jouge is rooted in this word, and means up and down, which is the highlight of what this new coilover system is capable of. You can now decide if you want to go Up or if you want to go Down. So if you want to seek adventure, raise your vehicle and get off the beaten path, or lower it and drive just around town. Tuning this suspension is now as simple as adjusting the ride height on your coilovers, and adjusting your comfort preference with its 36 way adjustable dampening system. The choice is yours and having the option to decide is now entirely up to you.